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About Us

SUIT UP is a luxury menswear brand focused towards providing formal clothing solutions.

With that dream, SUITUP was born in 2015.

We aim to share our passion with the general public by making them experience the refined tailoring craftsmanship that we are offering. Our considered approach to people, production and environment has developed into an enterprise that we are proud of.

With that notion, we want to create a label of value for our customers.

There is a story embedded in every thread, under every seam and between the folds of every fabric. 

There is passion entwined with expertise of those who love their work which outputs to timeless garments with refined craftsmanship. 

Suitup means luxury, tailoring and solemn Suitup is elegance, craftsmanship and quality.

We are staunch believers of gender neutrality, we treat all the humans alike irrespective of their gender and orientation.

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